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Do you speak French? “Un peu”

Do you speak French? “Un peu”

Do you speak French? “Un peu”.

Je dois partager mon amour pour le Français <3

I must share my love for the French language <3

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Stop and Smell the Flowers

Stop and Smell the Flowers

Whenever life hands you something unexpected that has any negative affect on you, don’t let yourself be taken over by that negativity. I learned the hard way once and wasted two years of my life for holding on to that sadness inside.

To anyone who’s not happy with their situation, or to anyone who was just dealt with a shitty hand, pick yourself up & let it inspireyou instead. Let it make you…

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Here’s a handy dandy color reference chart for you artists, writers, or any one else who needs it! Inspired by this post x


Selena (1997)




Dawg this is my most favorite


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